Candela Nordlys Laser

What is Candela Nordlys? 

Candela Nordlys is a non-ablative resurfacing, fractional laser that delivers heat into the skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing response. This non-invasive treatment eliminates old, pigmented cells and deposits heat deep into the dermis to tighten skin and stimulate collagen remodeling. 

 A wide range of applications help your provider address a variety of skin concerns from skin rejuvenation to vascular treatments to hair removal all with minimal downtime.  

Furthermore, the Candela Nordlys can be used across the face, underarms, arms, legs, body, and even hands to restore youthful skin. 

One of the many amazing features of the Candela Nordlys is its new SoftCool Technology which ensures that the treated area does not reach high levels of temperature. It can also help speed up treatments, eliminating the need to pause during each procedure to help patients stay comfortable. 

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Who is a good candidate for Candela Nordlys?

Candela Nordlys can treat a wide range of patients although it is best to speak with your provider to ensure the proper treatment for your skin type. If you have recently been exposed to sun or have a suntan (including fake tans), we recommend waiting upwards of 30 days to have this procedure or until after the color reduces for best results.  

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What can I expect during treatment? 

First you will meet with one of our med spa staff to discuss your skin type and goals to find what procedure is right for you. A typical treatment lasts 30-60 minutes and can address an array of concerns. 

Minimize Wrinkles and Fine Lines 

Nordlys tightens skin and give it a firmer texture via non-ablative skin resurfacing, which helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The treatment is suitable for mature patients of all skin types with sagging and thinning skin.  

Reduce Skin Redness 

Rosacea is a common skin condition characterized by red skin that looks inflamed. Nordlys provides an effective solution for rosacea, which reduces redness and improves overall skin tone. After treatment, skin becomes lighter, more radiant, and evens skin tone. 

Clear Dark Spots  

Dark spots can be caused by pimples, acne, and sun damage. Nordlys eliminates these pigmented cells leaving the treated area with a lighter and more even tone. The treatment does not cause any peeling or redness after the procedure.  

Facial Vein Treatment 

Nordlys also addresses facial and leg veins. It targets blood vessels without causing damage to surrounding tissue. This helps reduce the appearance of facial and leg veins for a clear and blemish-free appearance. 

Removal Of Vascular Lesions 

There are several different types of vascular lesions that can be treated with Nordlys: port wine stains, warts, and birthmarks. The treatment removes vascular lesions, improving skin tone for a light and even appearance. 

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What can I expect during recovery? 

The sensation is often described as a heat sensation and a few patients compare it to mild sunburn. It is highly recommended to avoid sun exposure after treatment as light absorption can increase pain or burns. Soothing aloe vera gel and SPF 50+ are always great aftercare treatments.  

On average, 3 to 6 treatments at 4-week intervals are needed for the best results. Speak to your provider for a skincare plan that’s best for you. 

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