Candela Matrix RF Micro-needling

What is Matrix RF Microneedling?

The Candela Matrix is a multi-purpose, energy based platform device designed to customize a treatment just for you. Powered by Dimensional RF, the Matrix system leverages multiple modalities working at up to 3 depths of the skin, allowing for greater precision than standard micro-needling devices. Various applicators work to target different skin needs including fine lines and wrinkles, scars, and volume loss. The Candela Matrix restores skin structure using infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) technology to regenerate and build new collagen and improve overall skin appearance and texture.

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 Who is a good candidate for Candela Matrix Pro? 

Anyone! Whether you are looking to begin the anti-aging process on youthful, or roll back the clock on mature skin, each treatment will be unique and fitted to your needs.  

profoundmatrix pro moa
Candela Matrix Pro

What can I expect during treatment? 

Before treatment one of our amazing team members at Renewal Med Spa will consult with you about your skin goals and what treatment is best for you. Depending on your tailored plan there are two applicators designed to target different skin concerns.  

The Matrix applicator utilizes the thinnest micro-needles on the market that deliver short pulse (RF) energy to the skin using specialized Depth Technology that allows for treatment at different skin depths with one insertion. This treatment is perfect for those looking for a collagen boost and smoother skin. 

The Sublative applicator stimulates new collagen growth and resurfaces new skin with bipolar (RF) technology without the use of needles. Rather, this treatment uses fractional energy pulses sent via multi-electrode pins to effectively smooths wrinkles for an overall refreshed face.  

The Sublime applicator combines (IR) to heat the skin with bipolar (RF) which shorten collagen fibers without the use of needles. This procedure is designed for those wishing to address long-term wrinkles with minimal downtime. 

profoundmatrix sublative moa
Candela Matrix Pro Sublative

What can I expect during recovery? 

One of the greatest factors of this treatment is the minimal downtime. You may be pink afterwards, but your skin should return to normal by the next day.  

profoundmatrix sublime moa
Candela Matrix Pro Sublime

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