EMSCULPT is a non-invasive body shaping procedure that uses electromagnetic pulses, to not only tone and strengthen muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, legs, and arms, but also break down fat in the process. There is no down time for the patient and they will start to feel the results immediately.

Who is a good candidate for EMSCULPT?
Anyone who’s desire is to help sculpt and define their abs, glutes,thighs and arms are a good candidate for EMSCULPT. Patients are recommended to try and get near their ideal or target weight for the best treatment results.

How long will the procedure last and how many sessions will I need?
Each EMSCULPT session will take approximately 30 minutes. For optimal results, it is recommended that the patient undergo a minimum of four treatment sessions, over the course of a two week period.

How soon will I see results from my EMSCULPT procedure?
Patients generally start to see results within two to four weeks from their first session, and will continue to see improved results for up to six months.

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